Tips From My Own Mom – Loading Your Dishwasher

Tips From My Mom

My mom and I do not look alike and we are pretty different personality wise. Actually we laugh when people say we resemble mother and daughter because neither one of us see it!  But my mom is a pretty cool woman and has impacted my life in positive ways. I miss her as she is back with the rest of the family we left behind in my first home–the Midwest.  Thankfully she (and my dad too) love venturing out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to hang out with us.  My mom is an AMAZING cook and is one of the most hospitable people I know.  So I hope to occassionally share some tips from her that she passed on to me (and maybe some great recipes too).  Here is Tip #1

Load your dishwasher from back to front.  Does it make a difference?  OK, Mom, it really does!  The dishes are more organized and I can fit more in.  It is easier and quicker to put dishes in if I am not reaching over other plates and bowls.  It might even keep me from chipping plates.  It did not take me very long to develop this habit. 


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