Five Fabulous Activities to Do With Your Kids That Are Free!

The first week of August is winding down.  But summer is not over yet.  Are you running out of ideas for outings to do with your children? Here are five ideas and they are all FREE!

1)  Visit the Humane Society.  Let your children visit the dogs, cats, puppies, guniea pigs, and rabbits.  Some community Humane Societies offer free tours and ours even has a playroom for groups.  Beware–you might come home with a special furry friend which make this event no longer a free one!

My daughter playing in the educational room at our Humane Society

2) Visit a middle school or high school outdoor track  I’m a runner currently training for a 10K.  I do intervals once a week where I run once around the track, rest, and then do it six to eight more times.  I took my oldest two with me this week.  They played on the track for awhile.  Then they contently built sand mountains in the long jump pit.  I could hardly get them to leave.  They keep asking when we are going to go back.

My oldest two kids playing in the long jump pit at a local middle school

3) Go food sampling!  Our local grocery store, Roths Fresh Mart has food sampling the first Friday of every single month from 3:00 – 6:00 PM.  It has become a family tradition!  The kids love indulging in all the free samples.  My husband and I enjoy talking to the vendors, learning cooking techniques, and getting new recipes to try.

My oldest two sampling fresh watermelon from Roths supermarkets

4) Visit a fire station You don’t have to wait until your child has a school field trip.  We had some pies leftover from a fundraiser and dropped them off at the fire station.  The firefighters let my kids climb on the trucks, gave them a tour, showed them an antique fire truck, and sent them home with stickers, frisebees, pencils, and firehats.

My daughter climbing the back of a fire truck

5) Ride bikes in a church parking lot – It is a safe place to take the training wheels off for the first time and it is less congested than the park.  Our backyard deads into our church parking lot and it is a great place for our kids to ride.  I strap on roller blades and join them.

My oldest riding her bike in our church parking lot

Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer!  What other free outings do you like to do with your kids?


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