Weekend Shout Outs

It is a holiday weekend.  Since we have had full weekends in August, I am enjoying some much-needed down time!  I had a wonderful evening last night shopping BY MYSELF and then spending tonight with my family at one of our favorite parks.  And my soon to be 1st grader is learning to ride her bike training wheels free!

Here’s some great posts from the week…

Rebecca shares Why I Don’t Use Homemade Cleaners over at Dear Lissy.  There is such a trend to use “green” and “natural” home cleaners, but there are drawbacks as well…and they are not always safe.  This post was very helpful in getting to the root of the issue.

I love the Frugal Friday posts at Life As A Mom.  Keeping up with the Joneses which was this week’s post really resonated with me.  Even those of us who live on tight budgets get stuck in this “stuffitis” temptation.

Missy from It’s Almost Naptime shares how The Magic Is Gone.  I have several friends going or who have gone through the international adoption process and it really is an up and down roller coaster with twists and turns.  You girls are in my prayers!


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