Weekend Shout Outs

My oldest had her first soccer game today.  I feel like need we an official welcome to the “Kids and Sports” era of parenting.  I remember going to youth group kid’s soccer game hearing all these crazy moms cheering and yelling.  They seemed obnoxious.  Yeah…now that’s me.  It was fun to watch her play.  She’s pretty aggressive.

Anyway  here’s some posts that I found this week in the world of blog I want to share…

Laura from The Mouro Family shares a list of 50 Books For Young Ladies  based on her oldest child’s (age 10) recommendations. I found this list something I want to tuck away as my oldest slowly gets into chapter books.  Some of the ones on the list were personal favorites of my own.

Rhonda asks Are children keeping you out of the ministry? over at Raising Homemakers.  There is debate whether young moms should get involved in various ministries within the church or whether her kids are her own ministry.  I honestly think it is both.  I love the fact our children see my husband and I serving both within the church and community (and we do some of it together as a family).  We’ve also BOTH learned to guard family time.

This recipe from Suzanne at The Mother Huddle for roasted stuff breakfast peppers is something I want to put on my meal plan.  Because my husband eats in a gluten free world, most cereals, pastries, toast, and breakfast burritos are out.  This recipe is gluten free and looks wonderful!

Enjoy your Sunday–I believe Oregon is going to be blessed with its first round of rain the next few days.  Knew we had to bask in the sunshine while we had it.


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