Don’t fall into the frugal arrogance

Instead of doing a “Food Friday” this week I am linking up with Life As A Mom’s Frugal Friday Tips.  She also has some great tips for simple living.

I was listening to Dave Ramsey tonight and the caller was asking how to get his parents on board with the Dave Ramsey financial planning.  Ramsey shared that it is better to be a living testimony.

There is much truth to that statement.  When Rob and I decided we were going to live simply, not use credit cards, save, and not go into debt we were very excited.  We had a plan–one that we beleived would bring us financial freedom.  And it did! But all the sudden I ran into people who spent their money frivolously, bought things they could not afford, and used credit cards like it was free money.  I was not preaching sermons about poor spending habits.  Rather I would make subtle comments about how wonderful we were because we were making good financial choices.  I developed what I have called a “Dave Ramsey arrogance.”

I have seen many others graduate from Financial Peace University and think they can change everyone’s opinions on money.  I remember a girl in a Bible Study I was in sharing about all her credit card debt.  Another lady just raised her eyebrows and said, “You need Dave Ramsey.”

If you make good financial choices and pay off massive amounts of debt people will naturally ask, “How did you do it?”  Use that as a springboard to encourage them in their quest to financial freedom.  When someone found out we paid for all of my husband’s seminary education in cash, she asked how we did it.  I was able to share with her our story.  I was able to relate to her own situation and tell her, “Yeah I liked to go shopping all the time too.   I would also wake in the night worrying about money.  I, too, was afraid to go the mailbox and open up the credit card bills.  But that’s not my life right now.”

And don’t worry if your friends or family think living frugally is crazy or don’t jump on your bandwagon.  They may get there someday or might always live paycheck to paycheck.   If we are pushy with people, they naturally pull away.  Concentrate on being a frugal living testimony and you don’t even have to use words to do so.


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