Moms need to get away!

I have been on another blogging hiatus.  If I do not post for a while, it usually means I am away.  I have been given the opportunity to go to not one or two but THREE conferences this year.  The seminar junkie in me is loving this!

Seminar #1 was the Youth Specialities Palooza conference in Chicago.  You can read everything I learned and experienced on my other blog.

I was a youth director from 2000 – 2004.  I did a small amount of volunteer youth ministry between 2005 and 2009.  Then I took a full year off when I was in the “I have a baby, toddler, and preschooler and feel so out of control” phase.  Since fall of 2010 I have been overseeing our middle school youth group.  It was an identity adjustment to go from the 20 something youth director with lots of freedom in her schedule to the 30 something mother of three volunteer with little time to spare.  My passion never changed and in many ways it grew.

It was renewing to devote three days to youth ministry and nothing else.  No cooking, cleaning, laundry, bringing kids to activities, putting children to bed.  My children had a fabulous time back home getting an extra dose of “Daddy time.”  Even though when I returned home I had an immediate welcome back to the chaos, I feel more relaxed, refreshed and encouraged.

I think every single mom needs a weekend like this.  There are conferences for just about everything.  Great women’s conferences and retreats.  I am involved with MOPS which offers an annual Convention and a local conferences.  I am going to a small church conference later this winter and a writing conference this spring.   Our lives are constantly multi-tasking.  We do not see one project through to the next.  There is many things in my house left unfinished and projects I hope to get to one day…whenever that will be.  Getting away to learn and focus on just one thing whether it’s a ministry, a hobby, or a life skill is something we as moms all need.


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