Weight Watchers Versus My Fitness Pal

I lost ten pounds on Weight Watchers in 2010.  Now I lost the ten I previously gained back in 2011 by using My Fitness Pal.

I was not going to post pictures because you cannot see a significant difference.  I tried taking a profile shot but it reminded me of taking “belly pregnancy pictures” and that freaked me out a little bit.  But this is where it began–a night of chocolate fondue around the holidays.  And realizing I had snacked recklessly since mid October–and it was only getting worse.

This is me in California last week.  Even if you cannot see a big difference, I feel better about my eating!  That is what is most important.  I am no longer sneaking into the chocolate chips jar throughout the day.  Snacking is under control.  I’m also in Week #6 of training for my third marathon I am running in Seattle in June!

So which is better–Weight Watchers or My Fitness Pal?  Here’s my thoughts on that…

Recipes:  I loved the recipes on Weight Watchers.  I am kicking myself because I did not save them on a Word file. I made some great healthy meals while I was on WW.  You can  also type in a few ingredients of whatever you have in your fridge. A whole bunch of simple recipes pop up.  I realize you can do this using google or Pinterest, but I had more success finding simple recipes with Weight Watchers.

Counting Calories:  Weight Watchers measures foods by points.  Every single food is assigned a point based on the calories and nutritional value.  There is a list of “filling foods” and “zero point” food which is quite helpful.  However, I think am receiving a better education in healthy eating by counting to the calorie versus the point.  My Fitness Pal uses calories for everything.

Cost:  My Fitness Pal is free.  I got a deal with Weight Watchers on line and paid around $50.00 for three months.

Community:  WW has message boards and an “on line community” but I never accessed it.  I like My Fitness Pal because you can “friend” people similar to facebook.  I felt instand support once I joined.  You can “write on a wall” and start a discussion.  Or share a frustration or a success.  You can access other people’s food diaries to get meal ideas. You have the option of keeping your food diary own private.   There are message boards as well on varieties of topics.

Weight Loss:  I lost weight using both.  As long as you follow it, you should find results whichever one you use.


One thought on “Weight Watchers Versus My Fitness Pal

  1. Je compte mes calories sur my Fitnesspal depuis quelques semaines simultanément avec les points WW. Mon total de calories journalier correspond en bout de ligne à peu près à mes points WW journaliers. J’aimerais qu’on puisse avoir une réserve hebdomadaire comme dans WW, par contre l’information qui nous dit combien de livres nous allons perdre selon les valeurs entrées quotidiennement est un bon indice pour réajuster le tir en cours de semaine.

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