Summer Scheduling

I thrive on structure and organization.  I also crave spontaneity and changing the routine.  The two often come in conflict with one another when it comes to scheduling.  Last fall I tried making a day to day schedule on Microsoft Outlook. I wrote what I wanted myself and the kids to be doing every hour.  Two days of it stressed me out and I quit.

I have never carried a planner or calendar in my purse.  I have tried in the past only to end up losing it or giving up.  I love some of the summer calendars I have seen on several other mom blogs.  The detailed and extensive planning is a little too much for me.

I am more of a “list person.”  I make a “To Do List” on Sunday and try to complete the tasks throughout the week.  The problem with this was my tasks were things only I needed to get done.  Sometimes kid’s activities got thrown to the wayside.

My kids love to ask the “When are we going to do–?” questions.  When are we going to go to do a craft?  When are we going to go a hike?  Maybe tomorrow.  Then tomorrow comes.  Too much laundry.  Or I have to finish this project.

My husband was out of town for two weeks in May.  I made a very loose schedule for each day while he was gone.  I had several people coming to help and I had to make a schedule for them.  I had to coordinate my marathon training runs while my child care helpers had my kids.  I have stuck with it since. 

I have a white board in a central location that lists the activity we will do for the day.  My oldest loves it because she knows what our day is going to look like.  I feel like we are not “wasting” our summer away.  We have done many fun activities already because we scheduled them.  It has really reduced the “Mom, when are we going to do–?” questions.


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