It is good to come home…

I love beach vacations that have very little agenda except for playing in the sand, swimming, reading a book, conversations, and relaxation.

And I love Canada!  I am a full blooded American married to a Canadian.

I love taking my time getting home and stopping to see beautiful sights along the way.

Such as Mount Saint Helens.  My first time seeing it up close.

But I also love coming home!  Even if the outside of my house currently looks like this.  New siding will be put on very soon.

And new windows too!

Our cat is always happy to see us.  I wonder if she misses us while we are away or wonders if we are going to come back.

I love it when kids are so tired that they ask to be put to bed at 7:00 PM.  Or they just fall asleep during supper.

Of the past sixteen nights, I have spent only two in my own bed.  The rest were spent in Philadelphia, Washington, and British Columbia.  It’s good to be home again.


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