December Photos Day #6 Christmas Tea

It is interesting how Christmas traditions start from something last minute or random.  Something that took little planning if any.  Last year as we took out our Christmas decorations, I came across a little Christmas tea set.  I am not sure who gave it to us or where it even came from–it might have been a white elephant gift. I told my oldest she could have a friend over and I would set up a Christmas tea for them.  She had so much fun with it I decided I would do it again this year.DSC07740I set up a tea for them in front of the Christmas tree.  My middle son played “waiter” and brought them their snacks and tea apple juice.

Long before we had kids, I wanted our house to be a place of hospitality.  As a child, I remember people of all kinds from different parts of the country staying with us–old friends, extended family, an exchange student etc.  It was so good for us as kids to learn the art of hospitality from my parents.  I want the same for my own kids.  Now that my kids are getting a little older, I have loved having their friends spend time in our house.


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