December Photos #12: Middle School Laser Tag

Yesterday we celebrated 12-12-12 by participating in a nation wide “Random Acts of Kindness Day.”  We kept busy all day long by bringing hot chocolate, lunch, and treats to various people.  We made crafts for others.  We prayed for friends going through difficult times.  It was a wonderful day and something I need to incorporate more than once a year.  I did not take a bunch of pictures because I did not want the glory to go to us.  I want to be more secretive and humble about helping others and not a huge spectacle of it.

So my picture today is how I ended the day.  My co-leader in our middle school group and I took nine middle schoolers laser tagging for our Christmas meeting.  It was a great time to all be together in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  I think working with the middle schoolers is one of the most fun and exciting ministries even among the challenges.  I pray for these kids often and I am thrilled I to be their youth leader (even though they figured out last night I am old enough to be their mom.)



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