Happiness Project: Fruits and Veggies As A Snack

I want to eat more fruits and vegetables as a snack.  This is why I forced myself NOT to make peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies last week even though I was craving it.

I have friends who swear by smoothies…including green smoothies.  I love mango smoothies and peanut butter, banana, and oatmeal smoothies.  But I found the calorie content is much higher than I would normally eat for a snack. I am also keeping a food diary on My Fitness Pal again.

So I tried to make a carrot/apple/banana green smoothie and I even followed a  recipe.


And it was nasty.  I tried to give it a fair shot and drink the whole thing to which my husband replied:  “How are you enjoying your seaweed?”


My kids tried it and said it was gross.  I cannot say I really blame them.

What I learned from this whole experiment is I like fruits and vegetables.   I just do not prefer them all blended together.  I have had a couple salads this week.  I also have had banana halves, fruit and lowfat yogurt, and raisins.  I will continue to eat more fruits and veggies with my meals and as a snack.   I am a little afraid to venture into the green smoothie territory again.

3 thoughts on “Happiness Project: Fruits and Veggies As A Snack

  1. From someone who regularly drinks green smoothies, I have to tell you that the combination that you made sounds horrible!!! I don’t like bananas in my smoothies, and I have never put carrots in one… the two together sound putrid.

    If you’re willing to try again, try this:
    2 handfuls of spinach/greens
    10-12 strawberries (fresh or frozen)
    1/2 ripe mango
    1/4c. frozen raspberries
    juice of half of a lemon
    water to fill

    Its awesome – like raspberry lemonade. Don’t give up on the smoothies – you’ll find something you like!

  2. Yes, don’t give up! I am so much happier after a green smoothie. From the pic you posted, yours did not look blended enough – having to chew your smoothie is a little icky so I don’t blame you for not liking it. Blend it longer! I make one with spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon juice, lime juice, apple and a little ginger and parsley if I have it. It’s not thick but it’s a drinkable salad – way quicker way to get all the veggies in. I add strawberries or frozen blueberries sometimes.

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