4th of July

I LOVE the 4th of July–fireworks, hot dogs, parades, and friends.  When the 4th occurs on a Thursday like this year, it feels like a long weekend as my husband takes Fridays off.  Last year was the first year we went to a 4th of July parade…I think it was my first 4th of July parade ever.  I do not remember going to one as a kid.  The town of Independence, Oregon always has a huge celebration complete with a parade.Image

The parade begins with a “mini marathon” aka a 2.6 mile run along the parade route.  My oldest and I decided to run it for Team Winter, the charity I have run for in the past.  Team Winter supports the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Hailey wanted to run in honor and celebration of my dad who had recently underwent prostate surgery which was successful.  I chose to run for Team Winter a couple years ago in memory of my grandpa (my dad’s dad) who passed away from prostate cancer in 1989.





We chose to sit at the end of the parade route so my oldest and I would not have to walk very far to find my husband and my other two kids.  Little did we realize we wait for the parade much longer and we get “what’s left of the candy.”  My husband found a used book sale along the parade route and stocked up.


Everyone still enjoyed the parade anyway…and thankfully it was not as hot out as earlier in the week.  The heat wave subsided.ImageWe ended the day with friends from church and enjoyed hot dogs, swimming, fireworks, and sparklers.  Good day!  We were so tired we slept in until 9:30 on July 5th.



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