Tiger Birthday Party

Birthday Party #2.  We wanted to do three “friend” birthday parties in a two month period.  Since we’re both working now, we savor our Friday nights and Saturdays.  Plus we often have church events, fellowship group events, or school events at least one of those nights in the fall/early winter.  I said to my husband:  “Do we really need to take up three weekend nights for three parties?”  Then my husband had this great idea to do a party ON their birthday even though it was a weekday.  Why not?    

Child #3 does not go to school yet (I homeschool her for preschool) and neither do her best buddies from church.  Plus she loves breakfast food (and who doesn’t it?) and it’s easy to make for a large group of people.  So we decided on a brunch party.  Since she totally loves tigers right now especially white ones, we picked that as our theme.


The colors were orange, black, and white (which was so easy to find with Halloween being so close to her birthday).  I have a close line made of jute string hanging in my eating area that I use to display artwork.  I simply used it to make a “Happy Birthday Sign” and put balloons on the end.


Zebra print seems to be all over the place right now.  I bought zebra print plates but said they were “white tiger.”  No one could tell the difference.


Our menu was very simple:  pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit, and bacon.  Very kid friendly.


For favors, I tried to find things that were orange and black.  Each child got a peanut butter cup (again easy to get cheap candy right after Halloween), tiger striped candy stick, a bag of Cheetos or Doritos, and a sheet of stickers.  IMG_8911

I have stated before I am not a cake decorator and it’s not a huge interest of mine.  But I always make a cake because it is more personal (and cheaper!).  I simply made a round cake, frosted it, put crushed cookie on it for dirt, and put a tiger and trees (I found at the dollar store) on it.


Since most of the kids who attended are three or four, I only planned a simple craft for them to do.  I didn’t do any organized games with them.  I set up different play areas around the family room with Little People, trucks, books etc.  They really enjoyed “the free play” and the moms were able to talk.

It was a busy morning with all the children in the house, but it did not feel chaotic at all.  My daughter loved being able to play with all her friends at once.  


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