December 10: Breaking Bad Habits


Our sweet middle son developed a habit when he was an infant. He would chew on his blanket at night for comfort.  We told him if he didn’t chew his blanket for several nights in a row, he could get a Lego Set.  But keeping the blanket in his bed wasn’t working.  Neither was putting on the side of his bed.  As we went to bed, we still found his blanket in his mouth.  So I asked him if he wanted to put his blanket in the hall and he agreed.  Last night he made the whole night without his blanket.

It reminded me how we all have habits we’re trying to break.  I’m notorious for putting so many papers on the bulletin board I can’t find the one I need…


Or leaving clutter spots all over the house…

DSC08974Or else letting laundry go until it is a mountain…


I’m so glad God loves us despite our shortcomings.  Therefore we can show grace to one another since we all struggle with something.

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