Organizing craft items

I am not the most organized person.  I tend to have little clutter piles and I spend a good part of the day “de-piling.”  My husband bought this bin (and I have another one that is the same in the front hallway) for storing craft materials.  Since I now do in home child care we do crafts and creative activities fairly often.  One of the girls I watch said her first day–“Oh yeah I remember this place.  This is the craft place.”  Never knew I was known for that, but I’ll take it.  It took me a couple of months to figure out what craft materials I always want to have on hand and how to store them.Image

Originally I had stick labels on each drawer and that lasted…oh about a week.  They fell off and I found sticky labels all over the house.  This time around I used a piece of felt attached with a safety bin.  I have 8 bins total and the ones I use the most are in our prime crafting area aka around the kitchen table.  I have bins for foam, paper (white drawing paper that often comes from our church’s recycle box, construction paper, and scrapbook paper). letters and numbers (educational items for home school preschool), small craft supplies (like wiggly eyes, fasteners, beads, pipe cleaners etc.), felt, old magazines, paints, and “recycleables” (like toilet paper tubes and cereal boxes). I organized it all a couple weeks and it’s staying organized!


I keep a list of on the fridge of items I have run out of or need for upcoming weeks.  I usually plan my child care crafts 2-3 weeks in advance.


This is my old craft cupboard.  The problem was I had to take almost everything out to get what I needed.  Drawers were way more practical.  I use this cupboard to store the heavier items so they don’t weigh down the cloth drawers like glue bottles, acrylic paint, wooden stamps, plastic animals, etc.


It has made craft time much, much smoother because I am no longer searching for items.  Everything has its own place.

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