Week #3 of Summer–it was all about VBS!


VBS week–what more can I say?  The above picture says it all.

At 2 PM this afternoon, it was just the janitor and I in the church building putting lost coats in the lost and found, recycling left behind coloring sheets, and moving chairs back into storage.  A church filled with life all week long.  Part of me is resting in the fact that “we made it.”  My schedule is freed up significantly until the fall.  Another part of me misses the church full of kids, seeing volunteers using their gifts in many capacities, and having a large project to work on.  Is it bizarre that I am OK with doing last minute paperwork and follow-up this weekend–that my VBS responsibilities are not quite over?  I guess it is a sign I am not burned out.  Or I am just plain crazy.

Directing VBS is a journey in and of itself.  My husband and I decided to direct when we were in our early 20’s at our previous church in Michigan.  I had no idea what it all entailed and I had not even helped with a VBS for several years. I remember looking through the curriculum and feeling completely overwhelmed.   It was an example of God using the ill equipped.  He provided us with my friend Rachel and her mom who basically did all the music and even some of the teaching.  We learned a great deal from them.  I do remember some of the children from that week and the volunteers who supported me every step of the way.  I directed in 2002, co-directed in 2010 and 2011 and then directed again last year.  Each year I feel like my heart becomes more humble, the little things don’t feel like big things anymore, and my passion increases.

VBS for me has always been a family affair.  My dad lead singing, both my parents and my older sister taught, my older sister directed in 2005 right before we moved to Oregon and I lead the games for her church–we were always involved.  Now I see this happening in my own family.

VBS brings in all kinds of kids–churched, unchurched, special needs children, those from difficult home lives, neighborhood kids, friends from our church we sometimes only see at VBS. grandchildren of members etc.  We have the awesome opportunity to spend a week with these kids in an upbeat and Christian setting where we can openly share our faith and speak the words of Scripture.  We can make it our priority to love these children and get to know them.  Sometimes I think that is the main purpose VBS serves–to show the community we truly care about children–ALL children.

I will not direct VBS forever (and I have made it known that someone will need to step up and fill my spot in a couple years), but I will always be involved in some capacity.  I am excited to see how God will continue us our family to care for children.


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