December 3: Rest


This sweet girl slept in this morning curled up with her white tiger.  After having a cough that lasted for eleven days, the doctor prescribed antibiotics.  Which helped with the cough but left her woozy and sleepy.

I am reminded Christmas is the time of gatherings, parties, events, and special worship services.  Unfortunately it can be the time for coughs, colds, and stomach bugs too.  When we push ourselves too hard our immune systems can become compromised and we are way more susceptible to the yucky stuff.  When we finally have “time to rest” our bodies revert to sickness.

I laugh at myself because I was telling a friend back in September we rarely get sick.  My son did not miss a single day of kindergarten last year.  We had maybe one or two colds.  No one got a stomach bug that passed through the house.  Now even with flu shots, promoting good hand washing, and disinfecting regularly, we have had stuff both in late September and then a few weeks later in mid November.  I think most of us only got milder versions because we do guard our schedules and try not to push ourselves too hard.  I’ve worked hard this year to make our after school afternoons and Saturdays a good mix of downtime and activity.  Yes, it has meant saying “no” to somethings which is not always easy.  I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

There is never a prime time to be sick.  It always disrupts our schedules.  But it can be a way of telling us to rest and get that extra dose of sleep when we need it.


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