No first day of school photo today

I did not join the crowd and post “First Day of School Pictures” today.  This could be due to number one–I am someone who runs in the opposite direction of the bandwagon rather than jumping on it.  Number two the first day of school is not that picture perfect “take on the world” day.  I should have posted the picture of my kids crying this evening over various drama.  That is a more accurate picture of the first day of school. But I will honor their privacy.

We always deal with overwhelmed feelings about math and homework (3rd grade–always the first day of 3rd grade!) along with goofy behavior like breaking or destroying things because the brain does not seem to be functioning on all cylinders.  No one is obviously adapted to the fall routine so nothing seems to get done even with multiple reminders.  We crash into bed trying not to fixate on the thought, “Tomorrow we do it all over again.”

I await this every year and I am always ready for it.  I think I show greater empathy each year.  Transitions are hard.  We are excited for our kids (and maybe for ourselves) when a new school year rolls around.  There is a bit of mourning summer’s end and the uncertainty of what kind of year we will have.  Maybe our schedules get fuller or our lives move faster.  We want to hold these precious moments in time and really live them–not them past by without acknowledging them.

Maybe I will post the 18th or 19th day of school when we are more settled into a routine.  When the drama has dissipated a bit.  For now I am going to go to bed, get up and do it all over again, and help my children navigate through these transitions.

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