My personal blog history

10 years ago everything was new to us.  We were in our first year of living in an area of the country we knew very little about.  My husband was a brand new pastor.  We still felt like new parents as our only child was one years old.  Each day brought about a new opportunity.  There was much to write about so I quickly took to blogging regularly.  My family and “old friends” back in the Midwest appreciated reading about everything we were experiencing.

Then in the summer of 2011 I became a “mom blogger.”  I reaped a few benefits from it and read some great blog posts from other bloggers.  It never generated income, but that was not my intent.  In January of 2007 I began a veterinary distance learning program in hopes of earning an associates degree and becoming a veterinary technician.  In August of 2011 I walked away from it.  Due to two pregnancies, young ones at home, and not wanting to take summer courses, I was not very far into the program at all.  A dream had died.  There is peace when you know you made the right decision but you cannot mask the pain it creates.  Blogging helped me embrace being a stay-at-home mom  and finding joy in even the simplest things.

In 2012 I started helping friends by watching their kids here and there on a somewhat regular basis.  I was not running an in home day care yet and had no plans to do so.  It was more to help friends out so they could work, go to doctor’s appointments without dragging their kids, or help in their older’s kids classrooms.  The following school year I was asked by two teachers if I wanted to watch their kids part time during the school year.  It became a domino affect and I had two others families ask me as well.  Before I knew it I was running an in home day care and I was enjoying it!  I was not sure where this career would take me or if anywhere.  I found contentment in the not planning far ahead and enjoying life in the moment.

About a year ago my day care grew to the point I had to get registered with the state.  I exceeded the amount of kids you can have in the house without going through the registration process.  I had to take several classes and I found that I greatly enjoyed them.  I had this desire to further my education.  I wanted to consider possibly teaching preschool or working with low income children in a Head Start like setting someday.  It was a long decision process to decide whether to enroll in college courses and not one I made quickly.  I talked to very few people about it.  Even though everyone understood why I quit vet. tech. school in 2011, it was still somewhat embarrassing and I did not like talking about it…still don’t.

A couple years ago we also considered becoming foster parents.  Again I thought it was something we were called to do. I probably told too many people and had this romantic view of filling our home with extra children.  Even though I knew it would be difficult and read every book I could get my hands on about foster parenting.  We decided to walk away from it for many legitimate reasons.  Again I knew it was the right decision but I found myself in another mourning process.  Once again everyone understood our decision (and I daresay some were even relieved) but it felt embarrassing.  Again I still don’t like to talk about it.

Now that I am in an early education program and enjoying it, I am realizing that I had to go through different periods of my life to get to where I am now.  While we may not be foster parents, my husband just became a CASA.  Who knows–maybe I will be teaching low income children and some could be foster kids.  This could be God’s calling for this time and place in our lives.

I have a peace about my family life, my education, and my work that I have not had in a very long time.  Yes, my days are full.  Yes, some might consider me busy…maybe too busy.  Yet I don’t feel like I am running from one thing to the next trying to juggle many things.  The weeks ebb and flow–some are full and some are lighter. I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and that is a really great feeling.

I do not make the time for blogging like I used to.   It is further down the priority list.  I still feel like I have things to share.  It might not be new things we are doing or simple mom tips hence I am not a mom blogger anymore.  I do need a writing outlet so I will still check in periodically.


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