Happiness Project: Fruits and Veggies As A Snack

I want to eat more fruits and vegetables as a snack.  This is why I forced myself NOT to make peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies last week even though I was craving it.

I have friends who swear by smoothies…including green smoothies.  I love mango smoothies and peanut butter, banana, and oatmeal smoothies.  But I found the calorie content is much higher than I would normally eat for a snack. I am also keeping a food diary on My Fitness Pal again.

So I tried to make a carrot/apple/banana green smoothie and I even followed a  recipe.


And it was nasty.  I tried to give it a fair shot and drink the whole thing to which my husband replied:  “How are you enjoying your seaweed?”


My kids tried it and said it was gross.  I cannot say I really blame them.

What I learned from this whole experiment is I like fruits and vegetables.   I just do not prefer them all blended together.  I have had a couple salads this week.  I also have had banana halves, fruit and lowfat yogurt, and raisins.  I will continue to eat more fruits and veggies with my meals and as a snack.   I am a little afraid to venture into the green smoothie territory again.

Happiness Project: Health & Wellness

Well it’s April.  This month for my happiness project I wanted to focus on health and wellness.  It is April 1st and I already broke almost every goal I set for this month.  I skipped my running group this morning out of fear this morning (they are SO fast–but really nice people–but their speed is intimidating).  I also ate too much chocolate and Teddy Grahams.  I did not track my calories.

Here are my focus areas and I’ll restart tomorrow…

1) Go to an exercise class I would not normally attend:  Last month I technically started doing this.  I have joined a triathlon club and attended track workouts and master swim classes (and gotten my butt kicked in the process).  My health club has “Launch Week” in April which allows people to visit other classes.  All the workout tracks are brand new. I need to visit zumba, step aerobics, club dance or something just for the experience.

2)  Eat fruits & veggies as a snack everyday:  This is hard for me.  I would much rather have a cookie…or a bag of chips.


3)  Train my kids for the Awesome 3000:  It is way more motivating for me to run by myself than with them…running has always been “my time away.” Once I take them running, I enjoy it.  I am taking on a few extra kids too.


4)  Get up early:  I’ve actually been doing quite well with this since my “smile in the morning” project.  I want to continue it.

5)  Keep a food diary.  I LOVE My Fitness Pal and stuck with it for several months.  It’s a fight to stick with it.  I often get back into it for 2-3 days and then quit…and start eating cookies again…or a bag of chips.

Weight Loss Update–Making Some Progress

So in August around the time I shared about losing weight, I realized I had to do something about my eating habits.  I did not feel overweight.  I probably did not look overweight.  I was eating a lot of junk–and needing the sugars, sweets, and potato chips to get through the day.  My friend Alyssa  has lost sixty pounds in the past year.  She did it by counting calories through My Fitness Pal. She inspired me last summer…but apparently not enough.

It started with baking lots of apple cake and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins in early October.  Then it turned to Halloween candy and Thanksgiving pumpkin chocolate pie.  I went shopping for jeans a few days after I spent a whole day baking Christmas treats.  I nearly had a breakdown in the dressing room.  The next morning I stepped on the scale and almost had another meltdown–I was at the same weight I was at right after Child #3 was born.  Right before I went on Weight Watchers.

I did not want to pay the sixty dollars or however much it costs to restart WW.  So I e-mailed Alyssa and asked her about the free program she was using on the Internet where you can keep track of what you eat.  Little did I know a few other of my friends are also on My Fitness Pal.

I have lost approximately eight pounds since the meltdown in the dressing room on December 21st.  I have a cheap Wal-Mart scale so it might be slightly less–or maybe a little more.  My greatest joy is it is easier (and more enjoyable) to run when I am eating healthier.  I also have very little craving for sweets.  I actually crave fresh vegetables and fruits.  I have way more self-control.

My greatest challenge is travel.  I had the opportunity to go to a conference in January and a wedding in California last weekend.  I am going to two more conferences–one in March and one in April plus a family vacation over Spring Break.  It is very, very difficult to eat healthy and find time to exercise when you are at conferences or away from home.  Food options are less.  I need more willpower.  Yet I struggle with whether these times away should be more relaxed with eating.  I also don’t want to come home an extra three pounds heavier.

My other challenge is eating at other people’s homes.  Which we do enough of.  Am I rude if I turn down dessert?

I am grateful for the accomplishments I have made thus far.  I hope to run Marathon #3 in June–and maybe be a few more pounds lighter too!


Toddler hairstyle idea

My little spit fire

It is fun having little girls!  I am no hairdresser, but I do enjoy braiding and trying new hairstyles.  I saw this one on Pinterest and tried it on my two year old.

Back view

Pretty simple “X” pattern.  I only did one “x.”  Her two year old hair still has curls and natural highlights.  I let her wear her hair down most of the time.

Side view

How I got my girls to sit still so I could do their hair took lots of patience.  I usually give them crackers or Teddy Grahams.  Or I put them in front of the computer and I put on Sesame Street You Tube videos.  Whatever works!