Meet the contributors

I have rounded up some other moms (and dads) who write on a regular basis for Everyday Mom.

Kristin Buursma


Kristin is a mom to three children ages five and under.  She runs a small business called Northlight Nannies.  This is an in-home nanny care service located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Kristin is a graduate of Calvin College.  One of her favorite memories from college is going on road trips to visit friends all over the country.  She loves reading, grocery shopping by herself, family walks, watching the Food Network, and going snowboarding with her husband, Jeff.  She hates listening to all three of her children ask for something at the exact same time.

Rob Toornstra


Rob Toornstra is my husband and dad to our three children.  He is the senior pastor of our church.  He is currently working on his Doctorate of Ministry through Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.  He is scheduled to have first book  about sexuality for Christians published in November of 2014.  Rob contributes to this blog mostly with posts related to sexuality and marriage.  Rob is an aviation buff, loves cooking, and playing board games with our children.

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