Five Tips For Surviving Late Fall & Winter

There are SO many things I love about Oregon.  I could make a lengthy list.  The late fall and winter is hard.  We do not get very much sun.  It rains a lot.  My kids get stir crazy.  I have lived here over six years now and here are some tips for surviving this time of year.

1) Take Vitamin D.  My doctor said most people in the Pacific Northwest are deficient because we do not get much sunlight the majority of the year.  My children’s previous doctor back in Michigan said Michiganders are deficient in the winter months.

2)  Get outside.  Strap on those rain boots, open that umbrella, or pull out that winter parka.  Even if you live in a place where there is little sun, the outside air and natural light will boost mood.  Even just a short walk to the store or around the block helps.  Or walk around the yard with your kids

3)  Practice aromatherapyI love putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil in my shower in the morning. A wonderful way to wake up! I diffuse a few drops of peppermint oil in my house for a fresh scent.  I am also told peppermint oil helps those who deal with head aches. I have been using a lavender armoatherapy body cream for dry skin.  Aura Cacia has tons of recipes on their website and facebook page.

4)  Keep rainy day activities on hand for your kids.  I don’t prepare crafts for my kids each day.  But I do keep certain puzzles, games, activity books, and toys in the attic or in our guest room.  I pull them out when the kids are moping around the house with nothing to do.  

5)  Exercise!  I think it is way more motivating if you can get out of the house to do it.  Personally I am not very motivated and I get very bored when it comes to exercise DVDs.  Often gym memberships offer specials (and also check Groupon) during the holidays or in January.  Some offer punch card deals or short term memberships.  Also check local colleges and universities–some offer passes to alumni or the general public.

Fun Winter Hat Giveaway!

I have not done a giveway in quite awhile.  So here we go!

My friend Tanya is from my previous home state of Michigan and I have known her for many years!  She is extremely gifted when it comes to crocheting.  She makes the cutest hats such as this one…My kids are into the “drawstring hats.”  This is a perfect hat for all you Michigan fans out there!

This is another one Tanya made that is one of my favorites!

She also makes some beautiful barettes.  My girls love hair accessories and it seems like you can never have enough.

You check out more hats and accessories by visiting the TanyaCreates4You facebook page.

Tanya has agreed to make a customized hat for one lucky winner.  You choose the size and color.  Give it as a gift for someone or keep it for yourself.  You can choose your favorite team’s colors or your favorite fall colors.  It’s your choice!

How to enter:  Leave a comment about whether you like fall better or prefer winter.  You receive an extra entry if you like Everyday Mom on facebook.  You receive another additional entry if you like TanyaCreates4You on facebook!  Winner will be drawn randomly on Saturday 10:00 AM PST Monday 10:00 AM PST and announced on this blog.  Good luck!

Simple Spa Day

I have been a part of a MOPS group since 2006.  About three years ago our group started a tradition of having a “Spa Meeting.”  It is one of the most popular meetings.

The first year we had it, my youngest was only a few months old.  She had gotten over bronchiolitis and I was still very sleep deprived.  This meeting came at the right time.  The free hand massage and hair cut was amazing.  I was grateful for one of the moms who generously held my baby the whole time so I could enjoy it.

Here is how we do it.  It does vary from year to year.

We offer 10-15 minute massages.  In the past we had a woman come in and do hand massages.  This year we were lucky to have someone who was able to do neck and back massages.

We offer eyebrow waxing.  This is always very popular!  The sign-up list fills up quickly.

We offer some type of craft that goes along with “a self care” theme.  In the past we made neck wraps.  This year we made a therapeutic sugar scrub.  Several of the ladies said it made their hands feel super soft.  We always choose a craft with simple household items that is affordable.

We have a table lined with every single color of nail polish you can think of!  It is fun to socialize and paint nails or toes.We have another table with hand creams, satin hand treatments, and ring cleaner.  I honestly don’t know what the satin hand treatment is!  I usually spend so much time at the massage and nail polish table, I miss some of the others!

At the center of the room is always a big jar filled with a special elixir punch.  It is very simple–lipton green tea mixed with ginger ale with lemons and limes to garnish.  It is such a small part of the spa day, but I look forward to it every year!

I think many of the moms appreciate a relaxing environment to socialize, share, and get to know one another better.

Our Spa meeting does not cost an excessive amount of money.  Many of the volunteers (massage therapists, beauticians) donate their time.  They are welcome to pass out business cards or promote their business.  The hand creams, nail polish, ring cleaner is all donated or borrowed.  We do spend money on craft supplies, but it is kept simple.  You could easily do a spa day like this in your own home with a group of ladies.  Or for a teen girl’s birthday party or girl’s night.  It might even become a tradition everyone looks forward to it each year!

Everyday Mom First Ever Giveaway!

I hope to do giveaways the 19th of the month (but maybe not EVERY month…we’ll see).  The 19th is an easy number for me to remember as my anniversary is on the 19th of May.  So here is my first give away on the 19th!

My cousin introduced me to aromatherapy and essential oils two years ago. At first I had no idea what essential oils were let alone what you use them for.  Now I use essential oils throughout my home.  In Oregon we are trapped inside half the year because we get lots and lots of rain.  Sometimes homes get that “stale air smell” and need a fresh scent.  I hope to share more about aromatherapy in a future post.

I buy almost all my essential oils from  Aura Cacia (  Their website has tons of recipes on how to use essentail oils in the home, for a soothing bath, making massage oil, and even kids and baby recipes.

So here’s what I am giving away…

A 0.5 fluid ounce bottle of lavender oil from Aura Cacia

AND  Reviving Peppermint Shower Tablets

You can use the lavender oil in so many ways (put a few drops in a pot of boiling water to create a nice aroma, diffuse in a room diffuser, put a few drops on a Kleenex etc.) Check out the website for more ideas.  I was excited to find these shower tablets. What a great way to make your morning or evening shower more relaxing!  You may not have time to take a bath to relax so why not add it to your shower.  Peppermint oil and lavender are probably the two oils I use the most in my home.

So all you need to do to participate in my first giveway is leave a comment about what your favorite scent is.  Does not have to be an essential oil…it can be freshly cut grass, your Grandma’s house etc.  I will draw the winner on Saturday, July 23rd at 8:00 AM Pacific time.  So please comment before then!  I will announce the winner on the blog on Saturday.  Thank you for participating.  And look for more giveaways coming your way in the future!