Day 4: 10 Little Penguins

IMG_4206This morning one of my child care kids and I made these gloves together.  10 little penguins!  She loves penguins so I thought it would be the perfect craft for her.

December 2: Unfinished Projects


It is a little ironic that I committed to doing this photo project and today I had one of the most frazzling days I have had since school started this fall.  Somewhere in my chaotic, run around to the next thing day, I made some salt dough ornaments after seeing how to make them in today’s paper.  I am so looking forward to painting them in pretty colors with my daughter…even though it is not going to happen today.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a bunch of unfinished projects or things that get tabled to the next day’s list again and again and again.  God has challenging me lately to look at the bright spots on my schedule.  To look at the joys of bringing my kids to basketball practice and watching them learn a new sport.  To feel blessed by the opportunity to go to meetings and be a part of a ministry. To take pride in soothing crying babies or wiping toddler’s runny noses because they are God’s special little blessings too…and it is a honor to help their moms so they can work in Christ’s kingdom.   Once I focus on the right things the unfinished ones don’t seem so daunting anymore.

December 2 Winter Crafts

December 2 Winter Crafts

One of the joys of doing in home child care this year is I have been held accountable to plan crafts for the kids who are home. I never considered myself a crafty person, but I LOVE kid crafts. We read a story about penguin today and made these penguins from plastic bottles. I found the idea on Pinterest. What did we do before Pinterest and mom blogs???

Toddler Race Car Drawing

Toddlers are fascinating.  So much of their day is walking around, picking things up, opening things, and often having to be redirected.  I did not do many learning activities with my children when they were toddlers.  I often had a newborn as well and was pretty stressed out!  Often I resorted to common activities like walks outside, Playdough (which they often try to eat), toddler toys, and coloring.

Now that I care for a toddler, I am discovering toddler activities.  Often are crafts and learning games my three year old enjoys too.  Last week we tried drawing with race cars.


I used Scotch tape to fasten markers to these cars.  You have to get the marker just right and sometimes the tape does stay on.  For the most part it worked…and they loved it.  Check out the creation…

ImageI was hard on myself as a young mom (aren’t we all!?) and I used to think an activity was not worthy if it only lasted a couple minutes.  But it really is!  They don’t have very long attention spans.  The fact you’re engaging with them and allowing them to try new things is enough.  My friend who is a home school mom once said to me:  “When they are that young, it doesn’t matter what curriculum or what activities you do–just do something.”