Kid Quotes

While reading a Bible story to the youngest and the little boy I watch…

Me: “And so the tower was never finished. And it of course never reached heaven. It was called the Tower of

Youngest Child: “Terror.”

While playing on the playground:

Child Care Preschooler:  “I am the captain of the ship!”

Me:  “Can I be your co-captain?”

Child Care Preschooler:  “You can be the cold captain and I’ll be the warm captain.”

Looking at the moon:

Me:  “Come out you guys and look at the moon!  It’s a harvest moon.  It’s huge!”

Oldest:  “Wow, the harvest moon!”

Middle Child:  “Wait for me!  I want to see the Great Harvest Bread moon!”

On the way to get a flu shot:

Youngest:  “Mom, after you get your shot you can get a sticker.”

Me:  “What if I cry?”

Youngest:  Then you don’t get a sticker.”


Pill Organizer


Me:  “Look I bought a pill organizer from the dollar store to organize my vitamins and pills.”

Husband:  (shaking head vigorously)

Me:  “What?  What’s wrong?”

Husband:  (shaking head vigorously)

Me:  “Is there a problem?”

Husband:  Don’t you think it’s a little too “granny?”

Leaving It Off

Usually my morning routine is exercise, make breakfast, clean the kitchen, and try to be productive with housecleaning in the meanwhile being overly distracted by the computer.

This weekend we had a conversation about phones, Facebook, Twitter, and video games with my middle schoolers and my co-leader.  It was not much different from any discussions I have had with my own friends.  We were sharing about how too much Facebook triggers anxiety making us almost frantic at times.  It is hard to focus and give people the attention they deserve.

Someone else shared about one of their friends being severely addicted to their phone that this person hides it under a table to text out of embarrassment.  I daresay we are going to start seeing more of that.

I did not turn on my computer until 1:20 this afternoon.  The difference was not how much extra housework I got done, but the fact I was less frantic and overwhelmed–significantly less.  Way more upbeat.  And more tuned in.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to get done this afternoon on the computer…however, I don’t have a bunch of housecleaning hanging over my head because most of it got done.

The Snake

I bought this plastic snake at Wal Mart for a $1.00 for a preschool project.  The kids thought it would be funny to put it on the husband’s pillow.  He didn’t fall for it.  But he retaliated and put in the cereal cupboard.

The kids screamed when they found it.

Since then the snake has been put in the sink, on the step stool, in the refrigerator, on a chocolate cake–pretty much everywhere.

So we decided we would take the snake on his own adventures this summer and take pictures.  Then at the end of the summer we’d make a scrapbook of the snake’s adventures.  It will help us document our own summer.  So we’ll start with…


The snake’s first trip to the post office…


The snake’s trip to the grocery store…which turned out to be a chaotic stress ridden experience…I’m surprised we didn’t lose the snake.

Yes, later this summer the snake will get on an airplane and travel to the Midwest.

I am sorry…I lied

I told people I was ending Everyday Mom…but I lied.

I decided to keep it going.

But I will warn you…it is going to be different.

I started another blog this past January about a new journey we are currently embarking on but still in the very early phases.  That adventure is foster care.  You can read all about that on my other blog.  We probably will not get our foster kid(s) for several months so it may not be real exciting until then.  I have been a little preoccupied having almost completed training.

I discovered a few “mom blogs” (which were mostly foster blogs) that were quick short posts with a picture here or there.  I love to read them.  

I am a rambler by nature and take five minutes to tell a story that my husband could probably tell in six sentences. If I could keep a blog where I could post every day or at least every few days…and only put a picture of a couple words…hey that is more manageable…and way more fun!

I started this blog with the hopes of possibly turning it into a business and gaining thousands of readers. I loved to do giveaways and comment on other people’s blogs daily.

I am not there anymore. I am totally OK with that.

Part of the reason is I don’t want to be on the computer all the time.  It can become an addiction for me if I am not careful.  

I also am doing something else as somewhat of a business and a ministry starting in the fall.  Something I never thought I would do as a job and yet love!  Watching other people’s kids.  I will have a few extra kids here during the day starting in September and that will consume my time and limit my computer availability.  

So I am still not quite sure how this blog is going to evolve.  Thank you for sticking it out with me!


A message from my computer

Dear Amy,

You spend a lot of time interacting with me.  More time than what is absolutely necessary.  Granted I help you with your news writing job, the various ministries and projects you juggle, and communicating with your friends and family.  I have made your life quicker and easier alleviating you from tedious work over the years.

I have noticed you get tense….borderline anxious…when you are interacting with me and your kids need your help, or have a question, or want to show you something.  They are kids, after all.  They need your attention in that moment way more than I do.

I can tell you don’t want to live your life anymore thinking you have to put every funny thing your kids say on Facebook. Or tell the Facebook world what you are doing that day.  There is something refreshing about enjoying the moment for what it is.

I can tell that you want to pass me by and keep walking…without having to resort to checking your e-mail or Facebook or read blogs etc.  

You don’t need to give me up for Lent, you don’t need to keep me off for a whole day, you don’t need to erase your Facebook account.  You just need to learn to set limits.  You need to manage your time.  You need to guard your schedule.  You need to walk by me and say, “Not right now.”  

The world is not going to end if you wait an extra day to respond to an e-mail.  You’re not missing anything if you don’t log on to facebook for a day…even a whole weekend.  As much as you have enjoyed blogging, your life is not going to fall apart if it becomes less of a priority.  

Consider what you read recently in “7 An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess”

“I knew in the big scheme of things, a media fast is not headlining news, but I gotta tell you, we had to dig deep this last week.  For me, it wasn’t so much the media I was missing but the knowledge that I was the only one missing it…But the wiser (read: smaller) part of my brain interrupted this pity party with a question: What are you really missing? Asinine television programming? Web sites that suck you in then waste your time?  The Facebook knowledge that someone is ‘going to the store’ or her ‘son went big boy poopy in the big boy potty today?’ These don’t enrich my life in the slightest.  They do, however, steal energy from my home and family, substituting face to face time with screens.” (115)

You are allowed to leave me behind for however long you need to so you can pursue the work that needs to be done or interact with the face to face relationships that are more important.


Your Home Computer