Day 4: 10 Little Penguins

IMG_4206This morning one of my child care kids and I made these gloves together.  10 little penguins!  She loves penguins so I thought it would be the perfect craft for her.

Day 2: Kindergarten Trees


She is my artist.  She is in kindergarten this year–the last of my three kids to be in kindergarten.  I am grateful she gets to be in the same school with the same teacher her brother and sister had.  We can enjoy some of the “kindergarten traditions” like this one.  They have to decorate a tree using any craft materials they can find.  I remember my oldest used a lot of candy, my middle child used actual greens from the yard, and she used lots of glitter and sequins.  Each tree is completely unique and different.  Just like they are.

New Years Eve Craft


Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean craft season is too. Check out our fun noise makers we make today. I got this idea off Pinterest. I used my hot glue gun to put two decorated plates together and put beans inside.  We also attached party streamers to the bottom.