December 5: Homemade Oreos

One of my absolute favorite cookies to make is homemade oreos.  I’ve tried a couple of recipes.  This one so far is my favorite.DSC08936

My kitchen has been busy the past couple days with various baking projects.  I tend to spread myself out when I bake.  Plus I had a six year old, two four year olds, and a baby to help me today…so it was even more busier.  But joyous.



My husband’s dessert blog

Some people make a New Years resolution to lose weight.  My husband’s resolution was to make a new dessert every week.  I told him since he was taking the time to try brand new recipes and take pictures of every single one (and I still laugh when my nephew said–“Why do you have all these pictures of food on your computer?) he really ought to create a blog.


So Weekend Dessert is officially launched.  You will find some gourmet delicious desserts on it.  I have always been a hot fudge sundae type person.  My husband has helped me expand my horizons.


Favorite zucchini recipes

I never thought I would become a fan of zucchini bread and muffins until last fall when a friend gave me several large zucchini to take home.

Here is what I have made so far this season…

These are the best zucchini chocolate chip muffins!  I bake them and they are instantly gone within 24 hours. My kids love them!  I also bake a gluten-free batch and they turn out great.

Zucchini Chocolate Bread with Chocolate Chips.  Very easy to make!  My oldest daughter brought this as a birthday treat last year and the first graders ate it up.

Zucchini carrot bread.  My first time making it.  Two out of three children plus myself enjoyed it.  Great way to use some of the carrots in your garden or fridge.

Zucchini chips.  Easy to make but you need to allow yourself some time.  Slice the zucchini very, very thin.  I had to use a food processor.  I tried to prepare a batch slicing by hand and they did not turn out.  Cover parchment paper over a cookie sheet and lay slices on the paper.  Spray with cooking spray.  Sprinkle with sea salt.

Do NOT use aluminum foil.  I did this on my first attempt and it was like peeling stickers off a paper–most of the slices broke.

Bake at 225 degrees for 45 minutes.  Turn the cookie sheet around and bake an additional 30-45 minutes.

They should look like potato chips. And they taste delicious!


Summer Snack: Bears on the Beach

Summer is not over yet!  I still have not purchased any of my children’s school supplies or fall clothes.  I am still enjoying the lazy afternoons of lounging around in my backyard.  Here is a fun backyard summery snack called Bears on the Beach courtesy of my husband’s mom.  She has many creative kid friendly ideas and this is one of my favorites.

She helped my kids make blue flavored jello.  Then they added Teddy Grahams, brown sugar for sand, and a toothpick umbrella (you can usually find at most Dollar Stores).  One of my kids added a cherry as a beach ball.It is a fun and simple snack my kids could put together themselves.

I think it will become a summer tradition around here.

Simple & Kid Friendly Blueberry Recipes

Blueberries are my favorite fruit!  They are easy to take on picnic.  No peels.  No need for slicing or digging out pits.  My kids eat them by the handful.  My kids love our annual blueberry picking tradition.  It’s a cheap “kid’s outing” and we venutre out to the beautiful Oregon countryside.  Plus you save more money utilizing U-pick especially if you want to a large quantity of berries!

Most our blueberries get eaten by the handful as a snack, with a meal, or put on cereal and oatmeal or in waffles.  I did try a few blueberry recipes this year.  All of these recipes were simple and used almost everything I already had in the house.  I did not have to buy any special ingredients.

First we made Blueberry Heaven Smoothies.  This was a good “kid friendly” smoothie because it has both apple juice and vanilla ice cream in it.  The kids loved it!

Next I made blueberry mini muffins.  These are the perfect snack for the car.  They are less messy than regular muffins.  I freezed a bunch to take on our upcoming road trip to Canada.

Last I made blueberry coffe cake.  Perfect for a brunch of breakfast meeting.  My kids ate this up too.

The blueberries are almost all gone!  I wish we would have picked more.  I might have to head out to the U-pick again before the season winds down.

I’m linking this up with Frugal Friday.

Valentine Treat Ideas

Valentines took on a whole new meaning as my children entered school.  Last year we spent a wintery afternoon handwriting cards, tucking little gifts inside, and baking treats.  Last year we made homemade Oreos with pink frosting.

Homemade oreos

The recipe is simple and only requires seven ingredients.  It is very easy to make them gluten free.  Use gluten free devil’s cake mix.  The gluten free batch turned out just as good as the regular batch.  We added a few drops of food coloring to the icing.

For my daughter’s Valentine party at school we made hand dipped Rice Krispy treats.  Follow the directions to make Rice Krispy treats.  Then use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make into shapes.  Dip into melted chocolate and add red hots, sprinkles, candy hearts or M&Ms.

For melting chocolate my husband (who loves to make candy, truffles, and chocolate) suggests putting a pot of boiling water on the stove.  Then melt your chocolate in a metal bowl resting on top of the boiling pot.  My chocolate has melted better this way and is less likely to burn versus melting directly on the stove.

We also sold some dipped  Rice Krispy treats for a “treat sale” my mom’s group does every year.  A simple heart shaped package and pink ribbon makes a nice presentation when you are a busy mom short on time.