Day 1: Ice

I am once again doing the December Photo Project.  Here is Day 1!

1-2015-12-01My child care kids have been fascinated by ice lately.  This morning we made this ice wreath we could hang outside.  As the temps rise throughout the day, we can watch it melt.

Here in our corner of Oregon, we get very little snow.  Most winters we hover around the 40’s and 50’s.  This past week we dipped low into the 20’s and puddles from previous rainstorms froze.  Finding ice chunks in our little pond and backyard puddles was a treat and kept the kids entertained.

The winters here differ from the frigid northeast and Midwest winters I experienced as a kid.  Saying good-bye to the lake effect snow and shoveling the driveway nine years ago was not very difficult.  I am not a huge “snow” person.

But I embrace the cool, crisp winter air.  It reminds me of God’s handiwork with the changing of the seasons.  There is beauty in the dark winter mornings and the cold afternoons.  I may not be much of a winter person, but I do appreciate this time of year.