Day 24: Christmas Eve

I did not finish Days 21-23 of the photo project.  With the December I had, I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I am surprised I got 20 days in.

Today was officially our family Christmas as we will be traveling and celebrating with family thereafter.  We had a fabulous day of opening presents, eating brunch together, enjoying new toys, and family togetherness.

It was not your typical Christmas Eve.  We had to “de-Christmas” the whole house including taking down the tree and putting away every single decoration.  All our Christmas decor is currently in the attic and it’s not even Christmas yet.  A dry unattended Christmas tree equals a fire hazard.  And we already dealt with that almost two weeks ago when our oven caught fire.  

Not only that, but we did some furniture re-arranging.  The changing table which became a dresser is now reverting back into a changing table for my day care kids.  The desk from upstairs moved into the living room. A shelf from the living room had to move to the eating area.  We’re not quite finished moving things around, but we at least made a dent in the work.  Why all this moving around?

We are going to be host parents to two students from Korea in the months of January and February.  It is not something we have ever done before and I can’t say I feel fully prepared to do it.  But we see evidence of God orchestrating this as part of His plan and so we jump in as prepared as we can be.  We still don’t have beds for everyone, but we are slowly figuring that out.

We will be a house with a revolving door with three biological kids, two exchange students, and eight part time day care kids.  I am in the process of getting my day care registered.  I started the process at the beginning of December hence one of the reasons December was extra busy.  I hope we can be registered in early to mid January.

I think I always envisioned us having three kids, but still having a house full of kids.  I never knew what that mean for us as a family.  We are ready to embrace it with all the joys and challenges that God will give us these next few months.IMG_4400

Day 16: Crazy middle schoolers


This is my middle school youth group…most of them anyway.  Loud.  Crazy.  Ready for Christmas Break. Displaying their prized white elephant gifts.

One of the things about doing middle school youth ministry (and I have done 4 years as a staff member and 7 1/2 as a volunteer)  is the personality of your group can change drastically year to year with the exiting of 8th graders and new 6th graders.  This year we got a fresh crop of 6th graders…mostly boys.  I love them all.  They teach me just as much as I humbly strive to teach them.  I love being a part of their faith journey and watching them find their calling in Christ’s kingdom.

Day 13: Not exactly Christmas lights

IMG_4296 So tonight around 7:15 PM the oldest was making a pizza in the oven.  I was changing out of church clothes into more comfortable clothing and I heard her yell that the inside of the oven was on fire.  The first thing that went through my mind (sorry about the “TMI”) was “What if I have to exit out the house not wearing any pants?”

The element in the oven was slightly on fire.  The husband put out with the fire extinguisher while I called 9-1-1.  The kids waited outside.  The cat hit under the bed.  It was out before the firemen arrived.  I never knew fire extinguishers make a BIG dusty mess.  Our oven and stove have to be replaced.  Thankfully it was not much worse than it was. A little excitement for what we thought was going to be a quiet Sunday evening.