Pill Organizer


Me:  “Look I bought a pill organizer from the dollar store to organize my vitamins and pills.”

Husband:  (shaking head vigorously)

Me:  “What?  What’s wrong?”

Husband:  (shaking head vigorously)

Me:  “Is there a problem?”

Husband:  Don’t you think it’s a little too “granny?”

Organizing little craft pieces

My sister used an old spice rack to organize her daughter’s craft items.  I loved this idea!  My oldest is currently into crafts too. Little sequins and beads seem to get lost in the craft cupboard or embedded in the carpet.

My husband and I received the same spice rack as my wedding present eleven years ago.  We realized some the spices we hardly used–and they were now eleven years old! 

My sister got the idea from Family Fun Magazine.