December 7: Tree Tipped Over

December 7: Tree Tipped Over

He didn’t tip it over. He just found it on its side. At least the ornaments were not on it yet.


Toddler Race Car Drawing

Toddlers are fascinating.  So much of their day is walking around, picking things up, opening things, and often having to be redirected.  I did not do many learning activities with my children when they were toddlers.  I often had a newborn as well and was pretty stressed out!  Often I resorted to common activities like walks outside, Playdough (which they often try to eat), toddler toys, and coloring.

Now that I care for a toddler, I am discovering toddler activities.  Often are crafts and learning games my three year old enjoys too.  Last week we tried drawing with race cars.


I used Scotch tape to fasten markers to these cars.  You have to get the marker just right and sometimes the tape does stay on.  For the most part it worked…and they loved it.  Check out the creation…

ImageI was hard on myself as a young mom (aren’t we all!?) and I used to think an activity was not worthy if it only lasted a couple minutes.  But it really is!  They don’t have very long attention spans.  The fact you’re engaging with them and allowing them to try new things is enough.  My friend who is a home school mom once said to me:  “When they are that young, it doesn’t matter what curriculum or what activities you do–just do something.”