Inflatable Pool

The things I do for my kids.  This is the inflatable pool that surprisingly has made it through two summers going on three without a leak…or a raccoon eating it as a midnight snack.  I’m not kidding…that’s what happened to our first inflatable pool.





Every year I blow it up with a foot pump or by mouth.  It takes A LONG TIME.Image

Halfway through the process the husband says, “Maybe we should buy an electric pump.”  Somehow I seem to forget every summer how time consuming it is to blow up this pool…and how lightheaded I get in the process…Image

It all seems to be worth it in the end, of course!


Oregon hot weather, here we come!  We’ll be in the mid 90’s starting this weekend.


Today in swimming lessons: (FYI I am referring to my kids by their silly nicknames.  Poonch is my oldest 7 1/2 year old).

Swimming teacher:  Poonch, would you demonstrate the dolphin kick to everyone?  See, everyone, look at Poonch’s perfect form.

It was one of those “Proud Mom” moments. Like I wanted to slap on a bumper sticker:  “My child is swimmer of the day.”

Do you ever have those “mourning for you own childhood losses” at the same time?  I never really learned to swim.  I didn’t play very many sports and none beyond 8th grade.  I quit band after 9th grade. I quit track after 9th grade. I struggled for many years believing I was good at…well…nothing.

 Depressing…I know!  And not true.

I think that’s why I push myself so hard now…sometimes way too hard. Excellence NOT perfection is my new motto for many things.Image