The Snake’s Trip To Great Harvest Bread

Back in March I won twelve free loaves of Great Harvest Bread at a triathlon club meeting.  I can only get one loaf a week, but I do not have to go every single week.  So we have been at Great Harvest fairly often because their bread is pretty much the best.  And they now have gluten free too.  My kids kept seeing a sign on the door that they serve ice cream sandwiches.  So we put it on our summer bucket list to go there for ice cream sandwiches.

ImageAnd wow they are pretty big ice cream sandwiches…on their giant cookies they make fresh in the store.

ImageCan you see the snake in the picture?  I bet you can guess which of my three children ate the whole thing without any help from me?

ImageYep that would be my son.  And I bet you can guess which child got the most ice cream all over her face, shirt, and pants?


Yes, that would be the youngest!  She was very content to share her ice cream sandwich with me.  The cookie was amazing!

ImageAs we were leaving to go to Great Harvest, I asked my son if he had the snake.  He said, “Why do we have to take the snake, mom?  Can’t we leave it at home?”  Once we got there he wanted to take all these pictures of the snake and feed it ice cream.  I am liking our summer tradition of taking the snake everywhere.





Heat Wave

Not a good day for the A/C to go out.  Not a good day at all…Image

I spent a good part of the afternoon laying in a kiddie pool.  I am wondering if it would be OK if I ran through the sprinklers on the spray deck at the park tomorrow as long as I do not plow over any toddlers.  I have a feeling the place is going to be packed.