Love those Kids Quotes

Before we read our Bible Story as part of our preschool homeschool routine:

Youngest Child:  “Mom, my favorite Bible Story is John the Baptized.”

Me:  “Oh yay because that’s the one I was going to read to you this morning.”

Youngest Child:  “I love John the Baptized because he baptized Jesus.”

Middle Son Holding an 8 1/2 x 11 dry erase board:

Mom this is my ipad.  I am going to go in the family room and play Diner Dash.”

Middle Son in the Library…

Little kid in the library to my son:  “My name is Collin.  I am six years old.  How many are you?”

My son:  “99 dollars.”

As I was cleaning up…

Middle Son:  Mom, you aren’t supposed to hold scissors that way.  You would not get a scissors safety certificate.

After my son colored in my oldest’s notebook…

8 year old:  “Don’t color in my book!  I don’t want all scratches in it when I send it to the publisher.”

Doing Saturday chores with my oldest

8 year old:  How do I get the bucket ready to mop the floor?

Me:  Put a little bit of Pine Sol in the bucket and add water.  You know how to do that, right?

8 year old:  I’m too afraid to add the Pine Sol.

Me:  Why?

8 year old:  What if I drink it?

Me:  Well then don’t drink it.

More Kids Quotes

After serving tuscan chicken soup…

Middle child:  “Dad, this meal is from Idiot?”

Husband:  You mean Italy?

About 5 minutes later…

Middle Child:  “Mom, there’s beetles in the soup!”

Me:  “Those are white beans.”

After realizing the guinea pig died (and the beta fish died last week)…

Youngest Child:  “I don’t want to give the kitty to Jesus!  I want her to stay here.”

While listening to Do They Know It’s Christmas on the 24 hour Christmas music station…

Me:  “It’s kind of a bum deal we hear Do They Know It’s Christmas? on the radio every year, but we never get to hear We Are The World.”

Husband:  “They both stink.”

Me:  “Wow, how do you really feel?”

Husband:  “And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas?  No snow is the least of their problems.  And don’t get me started on the Christmas shoes.”