Our sweet cat

Our sweet cat

On Monday the oldest child complained of a headache before school. We did not think much of it and sent her to school anyway. She came home and crashed on the couch falling fast asleep. Tuesday, Wednesday & today she stayed home and she had a fever of 103 at one point. I have not seen her that sick since she had a bad stomach bug when she was three. Thankfully she’s eating and drinking again and feeling somewhat normal.

Our dear sweet cat Salena is tuned to the family’s ailments. This morning my oldest took a very long nap (and her fever finally broke) for three hours and Salena sat on this orange chair the whole entire time looking down at my oldest. My husband said Salena was doing the same thing when my daughter was sleeping on the couch the other day.

About a year and a half ago, I was sick during the night. I was up almost every hour and there was Salena sitting right next me as I threw up in the toilet. Honestly I would rather have her there than an actual person. She also curls up my lap when I’m more emotional than usual.

I know cats can sometimes be a pain–they scratch,they “meow” in the night when you’re trying to sleep, they paw, and their litter box stinks. But I love that our cat looks out for us when we’re at our worst.


The “I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself Box”


We said from the very beginning our son has two modes “Off” and “On.” He has a crazy amount of energy. This fall when he started kindergarten, he was not one of those kids who come home tired and exhausted. Some of my friends said their five year olds would take naps every afternoon the first week of school. Not him. We actually had him run laps around the backyard or ride his bike after kindergarten because he was in that mode we refer to “silly crazy.” It really helped utilize his energy and get him to calmer and more focused state.

We live in a very rainy area of the country and we are pretty much stuck inside a good part of the winter. Even though once in awhile I don’t mind the muddy boots, and wet clothes, I needed to find a way to help him find things to do in the house. So we made a “I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself Box.” If I see him moping around or getting into things he is not supposed to or reverting to “silly crazy” I ask him to draw something out of the box. Whatever he draws he has to do. I put all kinds of ideas such as “Play restaurant with the play food,” or “Build a train with the folding chairs and ride in it,” or “Practice handwriting for 15 minutes.” I have puzzles and worksheets available he can do. It has worked every single time. Even the day it was pouring rain and he drew “Go outside.” He did not want to go outside and protested profusely. Once he got on the rain boots, rain coat, and went splashing around the backyard–he was content. I told him he had to stay out for at least 15 minutes, but he was outside for at least a half hour.

Such a simple thing–I wish I would have thought of it earlier. It is not a punishment. It is just a tool to help him be more focused.

New Years Eve Craft


Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean craft season is too. Check out our fun noise makers we make today. I got this idea off Pinterest. I used my hot glue gun to put two decorated plates together and put beans inside. ¬†We also attached party streamers to the bottom.